What Causes Dark Nipples after Pregnancy and How to Lighten Them at Home

What Causes Dark Nipples with How to Lighten Dark colour Nipples using home remedies today we are sharing with you. Dark nipples after pregnancy we can see,

But many girls don’t like that as we know that everybody has nipples. They are the delightful little nubs. For some of them, it is a susceptible part of the body while for some is a no go zone.

Are nipples perfect? Nipples are not perfect. Two nipples will never be alike. The more massive outer ring of the nipple is called the areola, and for some of them it is light pink, and the other half of the women have a darker shade, either a red or brown.

Thus, nipples vary. Areola becomes darker, in the case of women, when they are sexually excited. Let us read all about What Causes Dark and also How to Lighten Dark Nipples using best home remedies.

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Dark Nipples

As I have mentioned above that the colour of the nipples varies from women to women. It is either hereditary or due to the genetic situation.

Your nipples are pink in colour if you have bright and fair skin and your nipples are dark and brown when you have a darker complexion. For example, the women of Africa have darker nipples. It all depends from person to person.

Nipples are of 4 types.

Why are my nipples different colours?

  1. Average nipples are the ones that stick out a few millimetres away from the areola and come out due to sexual excitement.
  2. Flat nipples come out due to the changes in the temperature.
  3. Puffy nipples are the ones that have a raised areola.
  4. Lastly, inverted nipples are turned inward.
  5. You should never wash your nipples with soap in case of breastfeeding. Pure water is enough.

What Causes Dark Nipples

A few conditions like pregnancy, Menstruation and a few more results in the darker shades of nipples.

No doubt that if you have a darker complexion of skin, your nipples will be dark. Hormonal changes are also one of the reasons for bigger breasts which results in bigger and darker nipples. As your breasts get bigger, your nipples automatically increase its size.

For a more extensive section of women, their nipples get lighter after a few days of delivery, and they go back to the standard size and colour. Once the women get pregnant,

The observes the changes in Montgomery’s tubercles, the glands that are surrounded by the nipples; they get more significant becoming more prominent.

This does not happen with all the women but a few of them. Weight gain is also another reason that leads to darker nipples, with weight gain, the size of your breasts increases which results in a bigger size of nipples.

Following are also a few of the reasons for darker nipples.

No.1 – Generally women do not have hair around their nipples, but for a few of them, it’s there, they have a little hair around their nipples, something that resembles with eyelashes.

Thus, because of those hairs, the nipples look darker and black in colour. I would suggest you use ‘Epiwand Facial Hair Epilator’ in order to remove the hairs and make your nipples look lighter and pink in colour.

No. 2 – Another major reason for darker nipples is pregnancy. Women love it when they are pregnant, it is like a dream for them, but with something good, you need to accept the bitter side of it as well. With these ‘bad’ changes, you might not look nice.

No. 3 – The basic symptom of pregnancy is a darker complexion, and you can notice that your skin is getting darker on your face, around the eyes, and you will also find a few dark lines at your belly.

Are the basic symptoms of pregnancy. With pregnancy, your nipples get darker. After conceiving, two to three weeks later, you will find the changes in your nipples.

No. 4 – Your nipples get darker and bigger on the basis of your growth during pregnancy. These changes are due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Don’t you worry, and the darker nipples are a good sign towards your pregnancy, it means that you are doing well. Once the delivery is done, automatically the nipples will turn lighter and come back to its normal form.

No. 5 – After a certain age, every girl goes through a few hormonal changes that lead to Menstruation. Menstruation becomes evident because a woman goes through a lot of changes before her Menstruation time or during it.

She fells sick, and her skin becomes dark, her eyes and nipples become dark in colour, dehydration, belly pain and a lot more.

No. 6 – I must say, it is quite difficult to be a woman. But yes, the nipple size and the colour also changes during Menstruation. Once you are done with the periods, the nipples will go back to its normal size and colour.

No. 7 – Puberty happens to a girl mostly after she turns 11. At the age of 11, every girl starts with puberty. At this stage in a women’s life, she faces the bigger breasts. During that, the nipples also get darker. The nipples go back to the lighter shade after adolescence.

No. 8 – As I have mentioned above that how the nipples get darker during pregnancy. Once the delivery is done, your nipples will go back to the lighter shade in case you are not breastfeeding him.

If you are breastfeeding your baby, then the nipples will have the same dark shade, they will go back to being the normal one only once you stop breastfeeding.

Other than these, there are many other reasons for a darker shade of nipples. Ageing is one of them. An increase in your age will lead to a darker shade in nipples.

When a woman grows elder, she observes a lot of changes in her body, and the change in the shade of nipples is one of them.

Illness is also another reason for dark nipples. A few sections of women, during illness, experience a darker shade in nipples.

But, one should not worry when it comes to darker nipples as it is very normal and harmless. Nipples go back to the lighter shade as well.

  • After a women’s pregnancy, the nipples go back to the lighter shade.
  • After the breastfeeding is done, the nipples go back to the lighter shade.
  • After the Menstruation and puberty, the nipples go back to the lighter shade.

Thus, there is nothing to worry about.

How to Lighten Dark Nipples after pregnancy 

Thus, we have read about the causes of dark nipples, now let us find out that how can our nipples get the lighter shade and what are the possible remedies.

1 – Lemon: 

Lemon as an edible is very good for health. But it is very good for your skin as well.

  • When you extract juice from the lemon and add honey and yoghurt to it,
  • The element that is formed can be used to lighten the nipples.
  • Apply it on your nipples and let it be for about 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes, wash it with water and repeat this treatment for a week to see faster changes.

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2 – Moistener: 

The other treatment in order to lighten the nipples is moistened. You can apply a lightening moistener on your nipples, for example,
  • Vaseline or a lip balm so that they are any time fresh.
  • Do it every night. When you go for the shower, the next morning,
  • Do not forget to wash the part around your nipples or else pimples can be formed.

3 – Almonds: 

Almonds can also help you to lighten the nipples and make it brighter. Make a mixture of almonds and milk in the grinder and apply it on the zone. In case you don’t want to do this, you can also apply almond oil on it and repeat it daily.

  • Make sure that after you apply either the mixture or the almond oil, you wait for at least an hour before you wash it.
  • We must not forget that along with the nipples, and we also need to take care of our breasts.
  • Following are a few ways that will help one to prevent breast cancer and will guide you for breast care.

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4 – Food consumption: 

it is very important. Along with the nipples, breast growth is also a must, and for that reason, food is very much important to the body.

A few reports and studies have said that there are certain food items that can prevent breast cancer.

  • Doctors suggest a few fruits and vegetables that will help you to get rid of breast cancer.
  • The edibles that contain antioxidants are advised to consume.
  • Walnuts, fish oil, eggs and so on must be consumed for breast care.

5 – Exercising:

it is one of the best treatments in order to take care of your breasts. You must exercise for at least four hours a week for proper breast care.

It is not much power remedy in this, But it will make more fit, So fit body always make the healthy and good shaped body, So you can add daily life. No need to do heavy workout but little it more useful.

6 – Say no to smoking: 

Smoking is a very dangerous habit for everyone. It results in many harmful diseases and affects your body in a very negative way.

  • It basically gives a negative impact on your body.
  • Always say no to smoking as women who smoke have 30% chances more than the women who don’t in order to go through breast cancer.

7 – No to alcohol consumption:

Along with smoking, drinking is also a very bad habit, and it spoils your body. Consumption of alcohol to a certain level is okay, but it should not be done regularly.

  • It harms the body organs and makes your muscles stiff, which is not good for the body.
  • A lot of alcohol consumption can lead to breast cancer.

8 – Posture of sleeping: 

Always make sure that you do not sleep on your stomach as it suppresses the breasts and the stomach, which is not good for your body.
  • Always remember that in order to have brighter nipples, you should also take care of your breasts.
  • Remember, there are many lightening and whitening products for the nipples that are available in the market but do not apply those as they are very harmful to the body.
  • The bleaching products contain Hydroquinone which is very harmful.

Facts about nipples:

Before going ahead with the article, let me tell you a few facts about nipples.

– No two nipples will look alike, and they vary from person to person. It can be either pink or dark brown. It is not necessary to have the same.

– As per a few reports, it is said that one out of 18 people is born with three nipples, strange right? It does not lactate but is an extra tissue. A few doctors tell us that it is random and not hereditary.

– The nipples get darker due to physical excitement as the blood goes to that area. There is also a certain section of women who makes their nipples darker as men prefer darker nipples. They do that to increase the physical excitement in their man as well.

– Am erect nipple is not only because of sexual excitement but also due to cold weather and tension.

– The size of the nipple and breastfeeding is not concerned with each other at all. It does not affect milk production.

Certain facts about dark nipples colour

All the women want lighter nipples, but before going with the execution of the remedies mentioned above, let me tell you a few facts about dark nipples.

  • Men are generally fond of dark nipples. They do not prefer lighter and pink nipples on a women’s body, and that is one of the major reason that a few women who have lighter nipples want to darken it.
  • In the United States of America, the USA, around 12% of women have dark nipples, they have shades of brown for their nipples, and over there, it is said that it looks more appealing and sensuous.
  • Women go for the remedies only when they are very dark, in case of not having an excessive dark shade, women do not go with the remedies.
  • Even on the internet if you search, you will find more content for how to darken the nipples than how to lighten the nipples that says it all.
  • All and all, this article tell us that dark nipples are not at all harmful, they happen for a few reasons, and the colour lightens after a particular time. So there is nothing to worry about.
  • And also darker nipples are much appealing and attractive than the lighter nipples, so the ones who have the darker nipples must be happy about it.

Why are my areolas darker?

The first reason for darkness is a higher level of estrogen and progesterone due to this pigment development will increase, and nipple will be dark.

Are darkened nipples a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, it is the first signs of pregnancy, Because in pregnancy estrogen and progesterone level higher.

What do your nipples look like in early pregnancy?

You can see pigment on areola after 12 weeks of pregnancy.


Thus, I hope that this article was very useful to all the women out there who did not have proper knowledge and information regarding nipples.

Stay tuned for more information about What Causes Dark Nipples and get a ride on it.

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