MDMA how long does Ecstacy stay in your system Blood, Urine Saliva

How long does ecstacy stay in your system complete information like in your Urine, Blood, Saliva with Ecstacy complete test to know and more you can read here. After share about now, we are talking about this.

Ecstacy stands for 3, is a synthetic psychoactive substance. The substance is a combination of euphoric and pathogenic effects.

In a US country, it is best known as ”Molly”. Ecstacy is not accepted medical use. This substance is a high potential for abuse. This substance is unsafe.

The drug characteristics are just similar to amphetamine. The drug is also known as ”a psych stimulant” or ”mescaline”. Ecstacy is used to boost, it promotes euphoria, and it alters perception.

This medicine is used to amplify empathy. The result of these effects is used for adolescents & young people. This drug is commonly used in Rave parties and dance parties. The effects are very serious about being considered.

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how long does ecstacy stay in your system

How long does Ecstacy stay in your system

The effects are derived from this is the result of the ingredients like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.

It acts primarily on TAAR1 (trace amine-associated receptor); it is agonist and VMAT2 (vesicular monoamine transporter).

From all the above, Ecstacy is the least addictive drugs. This medicine damages the brain. Mainly it affects kill brain cells. It destroys serotonin-producing neurons. As a result, many people have disconnected Ecstacy.

The government has to decide on the ban for this medicine. The symptoms are high; the effects of this medicine are between 3 to 5 hours. Some sources said that it eliminates 7 hours, while others recommend 8 to 9 hours.

If the reports that nearly 7 hours are is estimates nearly one and half days for Ecstacy to clear from the system.

If anyone wants to eradicate this from the body, they need to wait for 2 days, because it takes 2 days to remove from the human body. But if we, strictly speaking, it takes 3 days for removal.

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how long does ecstacy stay in your system

From the case study, they said it is recommended that UrineUrine make to eliminate the medicine Ecstacy .it improves the half-life. It increases from 16 to 31 hours.

HMMA chemical name is 4-hydroxy-3-methoxy-methane. When compared to HMMA, it takes less time to remove from the body. HMMA nearly stays in the human body for 33 hours i.e.

More than 1 we can say it takes nearly 3 days to completely eliminate/remove the HMMA metabolism from the body.

Factors Influence Ecstacy

The factors affecting the Ecstacy is depended on the time that is taken to removing Ecstacy from the system. The influence of

This drug varies from one person to another person. The test for Ecstacy cannot decide the effect of this drug.

Some of the factors may be body mass index, genetics, liver functioning, kidney functioning.

The dosage of Ecstacy is different from one to another, and it depends on how much they are taking. Genetic variation is the main factor that influences mostly. Next, liver functioning is also the factor to be considered.

Age: Age is the main factor to be considered, because the speed may vary from one person to another person.

The metabolism response of young is much faster than the other age persons. The Metabolism of young is very much active when compared to is noted that older persons have fewer metabolisms.

Body Mass Index

The elimination speed of any drug depends on the Body Mass Index (BMI). The weight and height are considerable to BMI. For example..,

If you have taken ecstasy (Ecstacy), the speed of response depends on your BMI. If BMI is less, then it will be eliminated from the body.


Genetics also can affect the system. The conversion Occurs in the system from CYP2D6 to DHMA.

Those who have less Metabolism the conversion can’t happen, whereas those who have the strong Metabolism the conversion takes place easily results easy to remove from the system.

The functioning of Kidney/liver

The liver can easy to metabolize the Ecstacy. If liver functionality is poor, then it is very difficult to metabolize the Ecstacy. If the liver works partially, then the metabolism process is very effective.


Individual body improvement methods like exercise, body lean, diet, and hydration are the best metabolism methods to improve the removal of Ecstacy from the system.

Other factors

  • We know that various drugs can influence the Ecstacy, metabolism system.
  • The other drugs can interfere with the Ecstacy are Prozac, Paxil, and cocaine.
  • The drug which contains CYP2D6 is always influenced by the Ecstacy metabolism system.

Specifies of Ecstasy (Ecstacy)

The medicine, we may call it as drug Ecstacy is not officially manufactured drug. In other words, drug manufacturing is illegal. The buyers and users even don’t know the ingredients in this particular drug.

Ecstacy is the mix of an S-(+)-enantiomer and R-(-)-enantiomer. Other forms of Ecstacy include methamphetamine, caffeine, ephedrine, fentanyl, and ketamine. But if you buy this Ecstacy drug, it cannot contain actual chemical ingredients.

Ecstacy Dosage (50mg to 700 mg)

The dosage of the drug of individual people can vary according to the Ecstacy series. The dosage is general between 50mg to 700 mg. The drug mainly appears in the rave party, other parties.

  1. The dosage always affects the person.
  2. The single dosage of an individual person’s Metabolism is much better than the multiple dosage people.
  3. Accumulation of Ecstacy is more for a multi-dosage person compared to a single dosage person.
  4. The single dosage person sleep at night. The Metabolism of that particular person is slow.

Types of (MDMA )Ecstacy tests 

Normal tests may not be identified or recognize Ecstacydrug. We need special drugs to recognize Ecstacy tests.

Urine test: the best method is a Urine test. This is the simple test to identify the Ecstacy.around3 days they were taken to detect this Ecstacy within UrineUrine. Many of the patients cleared this from their system.

Hair test

The chance of detecting the Ecstacy is less with this test. But the Hair test is also an easy way to find Ecstacy. A hair sample is taken from the patient. The length of air must be between 3 cm to 6 cm. Ecstacy will not appear in the hair.

  • It will remain a very long time than the time with UrineUrine.
  • The hair test analysis is non-invasive, and this test will help to detect the ecstasy.
  • This test is the most advantageous method because it is detectable for more than 2 months.

Saliva Test

The alternative way to recognize the Ecstacy is a saliva test. The saliva is collets from the mouth. The individual saliva can be taken from a person’s mouth via the tongue. Nearly 2 microliters Saliva must be taken from the person’s individual mouth.

But the range between 1.5 to 4 hours after ingestion, If any individual may ingest ecstasy, then the law enforcement directory generally prefers this test for confirmation.

Blood tests

The Ecstacy can be identified in the blood test between 12 to 24hours. Actually, this blood test is able to find the Ecstacy within 24 hours.

Laboratories give a brief analysis of this blood test. A blood test is a most often used test for confirming whether he had taken the Ecstacy drug or not.

Did People test for Ecstacy, why?

Many reasons are there for testing this drug. Mainly law enforcement conducts the test for Ecstacy for a particular misbehavior person.

Criminal justice:

Suppose any suspect arrested by law enforcement agent then they ingest all the thing required for the drug test. As we know, the person/individual who has taken this drug can cause psychosis, and he behaves very oddly.

Medicine rehabilitation centers:

If any person goes to the rehabilitation Centre, the doctors do the tests that are essential to finding the Ecstacy drug. The main intension of rehabilitation centers is to avoid the Ecstacy drug in takers.

  1. Employment and Military: essential drug tests are very often to recognize the persons.
  2. Employees are selected to do the test.
  3. Some of them do the best testing methods.
  4. Military persons are often tests for drugs.

Those who are working in the Military they must not take Ecstacy drug.

Ecstasy metabolizes and how it will be excreted?

Ecstasy (molly) will reach the human body within 30 minutes. It will completely spread into the human body within 2 to 3 hours.

Ingestion is after some time, and then it is metabolized CYP 450, CYP2D6, and CYP3A4. Various Metabolism included in our body are

  • 3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine known as MDA
  • 4-hydroxy-3-methoxyamphetamine known as HMA
  • 4-hydroxy-3-methoxy-methamphetamine known as HMMA
  • 3,4-dihydroxymethamphetamine called HHMA
  • 3,4-dihydroxyamphetamine called DHA
  • 3,4-methylenedioxyphenylacetone called MDP2P
  • 3,4-Methylenedioxy-N-hydroxyamphetamine known as MDOH

At first, the MDMA is spread into MDA.MDA is present in the blood and plasma. After that, MDA is broken into two pieces i.e., HMA and HHA. Mostly MDMA is spread out through UrineUrine.

HMMA is the most indicating the drug of Ecstacy. Drug tester needs to remain that whether an individual contains HMMA or not. Most of the individuals may contain the HMMA for 3 days.

Guidelines to eradicate Ecstacy (ecstasy) from body

Many people may have this question about how to eradicate MDMA drug from the human body. Everyone is very curious to know about this answer,

Here we are providing some rules/tips/guidelines to the people who need it. If any individual follows these suggestions, they may get benefited.

1. Stop using MDMA

If any individual wants to remove ecstasy from the body, the first thing they need to do is stop using. Some people are live in their own imagination. They may think that the low content of Ecstacy will not harm.

But one interesting thing is that we need to very serious about this MDMA. Because the low content of this Ecstacy(Ecstasy) will not be identified by Ecstacy drug tests, but they need to aware that the low content of MDMA is mainly metabolized by the system.

2. Acidity of Urine

The pH tells about the Ecstacy duration of how long it will remain in the system. If the Urine is alkaline in nature, then the MDMA is within the range of 16 to 31 hours.

If any individual wants to ensure the eradication of Ecstacy (ecstasy), it is recommended to increase the level of alkaline in the UrineUrine.

3. supplementary of the drug

The drug is used for the treatment of the affected person. The ”inducers” can improve the Metabolism of is also amplify the metabolism conditions of CYP2D6.

4. Daily exercise

This is the old traditional method to eradicate MDMA from the human body. Daily exercise makes the human body active.

Because of the exercise, the Metabolism of the system gets improved, .it will also improve the process of Metabolism.

Many people have mental relaxation. But many people have the problem of physical relaxation. Without any physical exercise, the man cannot get a healthy life.

In the morning time, many people go for a long walk. Many people may not have friends for a long walk, .so people the go for a walk along with the dog. To get mental relaxation, people follow the yoga and meditation.

Walking is the best thing to improve your physical life. Physical exercise mainly improves health. The Metabolism of any individual depends on physical exercise.

It is recommended to follow the habit of physical exercise. Physical fitness improves the Metabolism of the individual person. Music is also the best method for mental relaxation. To improve physical exercise, we need to follow some exercises.

5. Diet

The essential thing to improve Metabolism is Diet. If you clear any drug from your body, then the body functioning gets improved.

Hydration is also used for improving the Metabolism of the system. In addition to that, eat balanced food.

If you take excess, the Metabolism of the system decreased, and if anyone has taken the less amount of food, the Metabolism also gets affected.

Morning time we generally follow the breakfast habit. Breakfast includes many things like food items. The food items may be vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Vegetarian food has rich sources of vitamins and electrolytes. Diet is also helping to improve the Metabolism of the person.

Side Effects of taking Ecstasy (Ecstacy)

Many of the drug takers may have this doubt. If we take the MDMA, is there any side MDMA or not. It is required to know about the side MDMA of taking Ecstasy.

The side MDMA is confusion, sleeping problems, depression, anxiety, tension, false sense, paranoia, etcetera. With the side MDMA, we need to aware of the long term MDMA. The long term side MDMA include kidney failure, brain damage.

Have you been tested for ecstasy (Ecstacy)?

Suppose an individual has been tested for the MDMA. Please share your experience .your sharing must include all the test details. Have you to mention the type of the test and time taken for this test?


It is very easy to avoid the side MDMA of the Molly (Ecstasy). If anyone addicted to eradicates the Ecstacy from our body, we need to follow some guidelines.

Your body must have the ability to face the MDMA. The individual must avoid the habit of drinking alcohol. Alcohol drinking decreases the strength of Metabolism.

At the time of the 1st pill and it lives in the body around 4 hours. Then after five weeks, it will be last for 40 days. If you took 120 mg Ecstasy, then the effect is very high.

Ecstasy ingredients

MDMA is known for its famous name this drug, there are many ingredients involved in the MDMA. These tables are easily identified by some symbols.

The color of this drug is different, and the markings of the drug make the individual person as hallucinate person,

Ecstasy MDMA on the Body and Brain

The MDMA affects the Body and Brain also. The drug ecstasy affects the brain of a person. This drug makes the individual person as a restless person decrease the strength of a person; the person brain completely affected by this MDMA drug.

This drug may increase hydration, hypertension, and kidney failure, and liver also gets also affect the heart and kidney.

Ecstasy affects body temperature. The psychological MDMA also generated by this MDMA drug.

Ecstasy Duration

The period of duration of MDMA depends on the climate conditions and environmental conditions. The other drugs also will influence the Ecstacy (MDMA) metabolism system.

Mostly the effect of this drug depends on the dosages. The dosage may be a single dosage or multiple dosages.

The time duration for the dosage of this Ecstacy is nearly 3 hours. After that, it will be expired. LSD is also another drug to be considered for the study.

If any individual take this drug along with the LSD, then the effect will be dangerous.

If any individual takes this Ecstacy orally, then the duration will be nearly 20 to 30 hours.

In general, the duration will be 24 hours—the results like depression, anger, and anxiety last for weeks.

Ecstasy Effects last for how long?

The amount of drugs is highly dependent on the dosage of the drug. The dosage may be a single dosage or multiple dosages. Most of the individuals prefer a single dosage. The medical research team found that the concentration of Ecstacy and euphoric effects in blood.

  • The concentration of MDMA varies between 5 percentages to 10 percentages.
  • If any individual takes 50mg of Ecstasy, then the concentration of Ecstacy in the blood is 0.02 – 0.08 mg.
  • The time duration for this concentration level is 1.5 hours to 5 hours. In the second case, they will last for 4 hours.
  • The concentration level is high, and then proportionally, the time duration is also high.
  • Most of the people worried about this concentration level of Ecstacy in blood.

Time of Ecstasy

It has a nearly 7 hours life span. The body gets affected by this drug. Many people usually take this drug without any awareness. Here the drug has many disadvantages. Whenever any individual wants to take the drug, then they need to know about the dangers of this particular drug.

  • The life span of this drug is around 7 to 8 hours. The majority of this drug comes along with the UrineUrine.
  • But in that UrineUrine, the concentration levels are different for different metabolisms.
  • The concentration levels are between 15 to 30 percentages.
  • This drug is recovered from the initial 24 hours from the UrineUrine. The
  • Researchers have suggested that the use of Ecstacy is very less, but it is not suggestible to take this drug.
  • The government has to take some decision to ban this ”Ecstacy (ecstasy)”


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