How To Get A Bigger Butt Fast In a Week Naturally

How To Get A Bigger Butt naturally now possible, They say that “Hips don’t lie,” and we say that it gospel truth.

Not to mention, hips or butts are attractive parts of the human body, especially in women, but not everyone is blessed with such a beauty asset.

Fortunate are those who are born with beautiful butts, but we are not categorizing people as unfortunate who don’t have one because we know the tips and tricks to develop beautiful butts.

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How To Get A Bigger Butt

How To Get A Bigger Butt  Fast with 7 way

Few people consider having bigger butts as an added advantage to their beauty whilst a few others consider having bigger butts as a total disadvantage.

The answer, whether it is an advantage or disadvantage, changes with that particular person’s opinion on having or not having it.

Even though you have good enough butts, you may lose the shape of it with age. The age factor takes away the youthfulness of the butt, and you can regain all that beauty by following a good diet, performing related workouts,

We are making changes in lifestyle etc. People who fall in the age groups of the 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond are allowed to do any of the methods we are going to mention below in order to regain or build bigger butts.

Before proceeding further, we would like to say that the shape of the butt you are dreaming of should always match your body type and size. If that is not the case, then you are going against the beauty protocol and breaking your other beauty assets.

Before taking a step further to resize your glutes or make them bigger, try to find out whether they suit your body type. If you found out that they would further enhance your beauty, then give it a damn sure shot, and if it, not the case, then try to re-work on your decision.

1. How to get a bigger butt

Before getting started, first, you need to know what constitutes the beautiful butts.

A – The butt is made up of three gluteal muscles, i.e., gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and gluteus maximus. All these three muscles are covered with a layer of fat on the top. These glutes help you stand up from a sitting position, squat, climb stairs, etc. With age, the glutes will lose their strength and, of course, the beauty.

A round butt is totally awesome to look at. People with the flat butt or shapeless butt can get a good looking bigger butt by performing various workouts that mainly focus on the glute muscles.

B – So, in order to give your butt a big and better shape, you need to work on the glutes that form the butt outside. The glutes muscles, when enlarged in size due to workouts or by some other means, will give your butt shape and an appearance. If you want a bigger and picture-perfect rounder butt, then you need to increase the cell size in your glute muscles.

C – One has to know that overly bigger sized butts don’t give the same beautiful aww look. They may be a bit embarrassing sometimes. Your butts should look good on whatever you wear. If you want to flaunt your bigger butts, you need to work a bit harder.

We don’t want to make you tensed by saying that it is impossible to get bigger butts, or just say that it is very easy to get them, we just wanna say that no matter what you want, you need to put your heart into it. So, just put your heart into getting bigger butts.

2. How to get a bigger butt fast

We cannot just rely on one factor to enhance the butt, especially when you want to increase the size of your butts really fast. You need to work together on many factors to make up such a butt you dream of.

1. In the making of a big and beautiful butt, the key roles will be donned by none other than the glutes muscles. No matter what way you choose to enhance your butt size, finally, you end up working on your glutes muscles as they are the factors that help enhance your butt size and also change your butt shape.

Not just the glutes, but also the fat that surrounds the glutes play a vital role in shaping the butts. Not just the abs that are covered by body fat, but also the butts or glutes are covered with a thick layer of fat.

Few people only have fewer sized glutes, but tons of body fat around it, which makes it appear round and in-shape. Few people have heavy glutes and less fat surrounding it.

Which will hang down, and the skin seems like aged. First, find out which category you belong to in order to find out the best procedure to bring back into the right shape and size.

There are many traditional techniques that are being followed by people from ages to enhance their butt size like diet, workouts, lifestyle changes, etc.

Other than traditional techniques that we adopt to enhance the bust size, there are also artificial techniques that hold a high significance.

Artificial butt enhancements can help you enhance your butt size really fast. They can help you get a big butt within very little time, but you need to take the utmost care of them as they are just artificial and nothing more than that.

3. How to get a bigger butt in a week

If you want to get bigger, but in just a week’s time, then you have to work really hard on it.

· Getting a good and bigger butt does not imply that you need to reduce the outer fat on your glutes. It is not about getting lean in order to show off the butt shape.

Most of the people work out a lot and become lean, making sure to maintain the shape of their butt as it is.

Even though it is one of the most followed techniques by people around the globe, it is not suggested the technique to follow for everyone.

Everyone is unique, and it depends on their body mass and the amount of body fat they have in their body. The success quotient totally depends on the leanness they attained and also on their body mass and the fat.

· If you are determined to get a bigger butt in a week, then you need to work per the line. It is a very well known fact that diet will affect the physique in every possible way.

Like we discussed earlier, to shape in the butts, you need to work on all the three glute muscles and also on the outer fat surrounding the glutes.

The thing you need to know here is that all those things are affected by diet, they are. By maintaining proper nutrition, you can shape up a big butt faster. The more intense your food is, the quicker you are going to get your dreamy bigger butts.

  • The best way to catch up with your dream butts is to go on a diet that includes eating lean protein in most of your meals.
  • Lean protein is present in chicken, lean beef, lean turkey, and salmon. You should never forget to get enough fat in your food.
  •  The fat here refers to good fat and not the bad one. You must be well aware of the good fat and bad fat already.
  • So, differentiate the two and make sure to have reasonable amounts of good fat.
  • If you want to get your butts very severely, then you need to go under the knife. That is the only quickest way if you’re going to enhance your butts really fast.
  •  If you are not someone to cast your vote for dieting or performing workouts, then you can choose this butt enhancement surgery. You need first to consult the professional to do so.
  • You can also have injections to butt implants, go for various surgeries, etc. Before going for those surgeries, you first need to know the pros and cons of them as they are associated with few. If you are okay with the risks that follow the surgery, then you can open your doors for it.

4. How to get a bigger butt naturally

If you are a naturalist and want to do everything naturally, then we, of course, have natural ways to make your butts bigger.

The natural and traditional way that everyone can easily follow is a proper diet and change in lifestyle. Do you believe if we say that there are foods that will help you enhance your butt size? But they do, some foods can really improve your butt size.

There are no particular foods to make the butts bigger, but there are foods that can build up to bigger butts. The ways the meals will be included in our diet will make a difference.

You have to associate some glute workouts to this diet to witness the change in the shape and size of your glutes. Even though you did a great glute workout but failed to follow a proper diet, then you will ultimately end up as a loser.

If you did a good workout, then you need to do a proper diet too. Your body needs to be supplemented with proper amounts of carbs, proteins, lean proteins, fat, etc.

You need to supplement your body with the right amounts of calories that contain the right amounts of carbs, proteins, fat, etc.

While the workouts you are performing work in shaping your buts, these foods you are taking in the name of diet will add beauty to your butts and will root for the growth of the butts in the healthy way possible.

Don’t worry if your weight is gaining due to these recipes, and then you can try our post Best weight loss diet Plan here you can read myth and tips both also read Best Liquid Diet Weight Loss for naturally.

How To Get A Bigger Butt with non veg food

  • The proteins that you need to include in your diet are eggs, skinless chicken breasts, salmon, tuna, cheese, turkey, steak, beans, lean ground beef, soya nuts, any fish, lean cut meats, etc.
  • The carbs that you need to include in your diet are quinoa, brown rice, sweet potatoes, oats, Weetabix, coos, whole grain bread, breakfast cereal, etc.
  • When it comes to fat, we already told you that only good fat is allowed in your diet. The facts that you need to include in your diet are fish oil, virgin olive oil, nuts, peanut butter, almond butter, etc.
  • The vegetables that you need to include in your diet are broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, kale, dark green vegetables, etc.
  • Vegetables are included in the diet because they are full of antioxidants, nutrients, and other essentials that help in the growth of booty.

5. How to make your buttocks bigger fast naturally

Most of the people want everything to be done with jet speed. It is no wrong in thinking that way because there are ways that can make things done with jet speed. We are moving quite faster in technology, and of course, we should have a handful of options to opt for quickness.

Albeit we are progressed in technology at lot, we still hang onto the old and natural ways to get our things done, not because we cannot afford the modern ways, but because of the belief we have in the old ways that were successfully used by our ancestors for decades.

· We have already discussed the natural ways earlier, which include a proper diet and proper workout. There can’t be any natural methods than that to shape up your butts.

Try to follow the diet the way we have mentioned to attain what you want. There is a great need to make some changes to the lifestyle in order to reach bigger butts.

· Not just the diet and workouts, but also small changes in lifestyle can go a long way. You need to indulge in healthy living habits and lead a healthy lifestyle to enhance your butt size.

6. How to get bigger hips

Bigger hips are always attractive. They act as appreciation assets and add up to the beauty of a woman. The bigger the hips, the more stares you are going to get.

They are not something to overlook. So far, we have discussed a lot about how to get bigger hips.

We have discussed the natural ways like diet, workouts, lifestyle changes, etc., and also the artificial ways like butt enhancing surgeries and implanting injection.

It is your choice what you choose to make it happen. If you are all determined to get bigger hips, then all you need to do is set your mind to do so by choosing a comfy way among the ways we have discussed so far.

7. Exercises that will make your bum bigger

If you are striving to make your bum more prominent, then we are here to tell you a few simple exercises that will help you shape your bum a bigger one in very less time. You need to work out your body to make this “Mission Possible.”

There are a few exercises and workouts that need to be done to shape in the bum. We have briefly mentioned the practices that will work towards shaping up a bigger bum.

Of all the exercises we have for making bigger bums, squats stand out. Other workouts include alternating side lunge, squat jump, dumbbells, the full range of motion squats, hip thrust, etc. Below are a few workouts that will help you built bigger bums. There you go!!!

1· Weight squat

You need to have dumbbells to perform this exercise. Withholding a weight in each of your hands, let your hands stay on your sides. Slowly squat downwards while bringing the weight to your chest. Now move downwards and using your butt muscles push back upwards.

You need to concentrate on how you are squatting while performing this workout. If you are good at squats, then you can try jumping squats too. Don’t restrict yourself just to use the dumbbells or doing just squats; try to explore more workouts that help you shape and make your bums bigger.

How To Get A Bigger Butt Weight squat

2 – Heel sky raise

To do this workout, you need to first learn on your knees and elbows. Now put your one left straight and flex your foot. Lift this left from your butt and slowly raise you’re moved from the ground until it falls in the same line of your body and lowers back.

When you do this workout, don’t concentrate on the back muscle. Instead, you need to focus on your butt muscle.

How To Get A Bigger Butt Heel sky raise

3 – Lower half Lunge

Lower half lunge will help you burn the fat in your legs and mainly focus on the glutes. This workout will target the muscles in the glutes.

First, start with a lunge position with your knee on the ground and back straight. Bring your knee off the ground until you are halfway up and then go back again. Repeat it one side for 15 times and change the legs.

How To Get A Bigger Butt Lower half Lunge

Before performing butt enhancing workouts, one has to remember that repetition is the key. Don’t just do it for once and give up.

Try to repeat them as many times as possible. You need to increase the number of repetitions and the amount of time you perform the workout every day to notice the difference.


These are 7 perfect methods which can be done quickly at home; Many people think that heavy diet can help to get bigger hips, but that is not right, You can eat but make sure you need to create a correct diet plan If you will not follow then Double Chin may occur.

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