How To increase height exercise Naturally lets Grow Taller with Tips

How to increase height after 18, 21, 22, 25 years old naturally and also many tips on how to increase height in children naturally with Yoga, exercise, Food, and many more increase height exercise for fast growth tips and tricks which you can at home and you can get the better result in the week, the month too faster.

There are a very large amount of people who feel disappointed due to their height as it is said that tall people are desirable for many reasons. Tall people enjoy a lot of advantages when compared to the short ones.

Tall people have their confidence up all the time, do not feel uncomfortable while wearing heels, makes quicker for them to take out anything from the top of your wardrobe rather taking the help of a table.

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How To increase Height Naturally

Factors affecting height:

Genetic factors are taken into consideration in terms of height. If a child’s parents are shorter in height or let’s say have a normal height, it is not required that you will also go through the same.

A. Genetic:

It completely depends on the range of genes. For the most part, your height is determined by genetic factors. If your family consists of taller people, there is also a possibility that their genes will pass on to you.

B. Non-Genetic:

Other than the genetic factors there are a few non-genetic factors that also affect the growth of your height. In this case, the environmental conditions come into the picture where the kid is growing up.

Growth and height of the body go hand-in-hand. If there is any kind of means that can hamper your growth, it can hamper your height as well. So, all these things must be taken care of.

C. Other factors:

  • A lot of exposure to tobacco and smokes at the early stage of development.
  • If a child is ill at the time of his childhood or when he reached the stage of puberty
  • The quality of care given to the child.
  • Less weight when he enters this world.

How To increase height exercise Naturally lets

In the modern era, shorter people are often ignored and neglected when compared to taller people. The tall ones are generally attractive and it is a matter of prestige and power as well.

Most of the well-known faces of the corporate world and the Bollywood industry as well come up with an average height, thus, people tend to desire to add a few more inches to their height.

1. Get adequate sleep:

Sleeping the right way helps your body to stretch naturally. Keep your legs as far as you can in front of you place your arms by your side while sleeping.

Our body functions even when we are asleep or taking rest. Children tend to grow more at the time of their sleep. Sleeping is always useful for at least 8 hours for body development.

Age Sleep Needs
Older Adults (65 years and over) 7 to 8 hours
Adults (18–64 years) 7 to 9 hours
Teenagers (13–17 years) 8 to 10 hours
Toddlers (1–2 years) 7 to 9 hours
School-age children (5–12 years) 9 to 11 hours
Preschoolers (3–4 years) 10 to 13 hours
Infants (4–11 months) 12 to 15 hours
Newborns (0–3 months) 14 to 17 hours

Sleeping in this position will always work and also try not to use a pillow as they spoil your body posture. It might be difficult at first since you are used to sleeping with the comfort of your pillows but try and get used to it.

  • Specifically, while we are asleep, a hormone called Human Growth Hormone releases.
  • Sleep is one of the most important factors that help us in growing healthy.
  • A peaceful sleep is a must. It is essential for the growth of the body and it also regenerates tissue while taking rest.
  • So, if you do not sleep properly, less amount of HGS will be produced which indirectly will result in a low amount of height growth.

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How To increase Height with sleep

2. Eat healthily:

Having healthy food is also one of essential factors when you want a good amount of growth since its essential to make sure that you and your body are eating up all those that are required by the body to take up the process of growth further. For height gain and overall growth and development of the body, following is a must:

  • Intake of Vitamin D:
    It is the most important nutrient for the development of bones, mostly for the kids these days who avoid eating these. Vitamin D includes foods like fish, mushrooms dairy products, eggs, pork, feed, and tofu or by getting adequate sunlight exposure.
  • Proper schedule for eating:
    A three balanced meal must be followed and is a must. Having good snacks in between can be done as that also helps in the body growth.

3. Sports and Regular exercise:

If you want to grow tall in a quick way, this must be taken into account. To promote growth and development, children must be active physically and mentally.

Even after crossing the bar of 18 a certain amount of increase in your height can be seen before you reach your twenties.

The combination of a properly balanced diet, proper amount of sleep and doing exercises on a daily basis will support you in achieving your goal of height gain. Following a few exercises that need to be practiced for height gain:

As we can see many people searching one the net about how to increase height in 1 week and also how to increase height after 18, Most are are week method is fake, Always go with natural, Here are some, You can try.

  1. Swimming:
    It is one of the best body workouts as it can give a major contribution in increasing your height. It helps to elongate your muscles and also helps us to a larger extent if started at an early age.
  2. The Super Stretch:
    Super Stretch also helps you to grow taller. Your hands are required to be in order to perform this exercise. It should be regularly done. While doing this, you should feel your lower spine being stretched.
  3. Skipping:
    It is not only a fun exercise but also helps to grow weight. So skipping aaalso good increase height exercise for all. You can more info about skipping from Skipping post and can follow.

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How To increase Height with exercise

4. A good posture:

A lot of people does not have a good posture because of their habits of sitting on the computer for a larger period of time and usage of handheld gadgets.

These habits encourage the spinal cord to bend which will indirectly decrease your actual height and will make you seem a little short then you actually seem to be.

  • This can help you to have your desired height.
  • In order to stop the damage, do not forget to practice this exercise on a daily basis.
  • It also takes the time to attain perfection but is one of the best ways to reach your desirable height.

5. A stronger immune system:

The body’s immune system has a very major role when it comes to the growth and development of the body. A stronger immune system will give diseases a tough fight to slow down the process of body development.

The strength to fight against the diseases is important when you are young and are in the stage of development. Illness can demote the growth of the person during childhood and at the time of puberty. By eating simply healthy meals also you can have a stronger immune system.

6. Intake of large amount of water:

Drinking a large amount of water won’t help you growing into a huge giraffe, but your body requires a large amount of water in order to reach it’s your desirable height and growth in the body.

Drinking lot of water is being ignored these days. People do not know the importance of water. However, water helps in improving digestion, flushing out the toxins, and also improving the metabolism. You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water for proper growth and development of your body.

Per day recommended Age
5 cups, or 40 total ounces children 4–8 years old
7–8 cups, or 56–64 total ounces children 9–13 years old
8–11 cups, or 64–88 total ounces children 14–18 years old
(Man) 13 cups, or 104 total ounces  19 years and older
(Women) 9 cups, or 72 total ounces 19 years and older
10 cups, or 80 total ounces pregnant women
13 cups, or 104 total ounces breastfeeding women

7. Eating Healthy:

These are some of the most basic yet effective ways on how to increase height in a week. If you make a note and follow all the guidelines, you are surely going to see results. But, ultimately, you have to make a balance with your body,

You must always follow the well-balanced diet that includes a larger proportion of vegetables, fruits and proteins in order to grow taller.

A healthy diet must be rich in carbohydrates and all the vitamins as it gives calcium to the bones which in return helps in the growth and development of the body. As it is said that, food is the fuel for the body to grow.

Recommended dietary-

  • Female: 1900 Kcal/day
  • Men: 2320 Kcal/day

8. Lifts:

Though it is not one of the natural methods that we have to grow tall but no doubt, it is the most effective one. It is the most used means followed by the movie stars.

Only a thick pair of shoes with thick soles is required to do this exercise. By doing this exercise regularly, you can have a desirable height. So if are you searching about how to increase height after 22 year or similar like how to increase height after 21 then you can try this because it same for all similar age.

9. Walk under the sun:

Walking under the sun with a pair of running shoes is also an apt exercise to increase one’s height. Go for a walk or jog under the sun (make sure early in the morning as it is very effective during those hours) Sunlight absorbs vitamin D.

The most that give calcium to the bones, the more amount of sunlight absorbed by the body, the better it is for the body development.

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How To increase Height with Walk under the sun

10. Say no to growth inhibitors:

Alcohol should not be consumed as it denotes the body growth and hampers the functioning of the body. Due to this, the liver gets affected and that is the reason alcohol is not recommended. Other than alcohol,

One should also not smoke (quit smoking if indulged in this practice), as it reduces the growth and development of the body. It gives birth to more amount of carbon monoxide in the blood which is very harmful. It also results in low production of testosterone.

11. A well-balanced diet

All of us are aware of the fact that after a particular age we cannot grow tall. It has been said that height increases up to the age of 18 for the ladies and it is the number 24 for the men. It is very difficult to increase your height once you have reached 25 as the growth of the hormone,

Human Growth Hormone releases in a lower amount which stops the body development to a certain level. This results in finding difficulty to increase the height.

Reference intakes (RI)
Woman Man
Energy (kcal) 2000 2500
Protein (g) 50 55
Carbohydrates (g) 260 300
Sugar (g) 90 120
Fat (g) 70 95
Saturates (g) 20 30
Salt (g) 6 6

A well-balanced diet and the proper amount of nutrition always helps in improving height. For proper growth and gain in the height, your body should be in the condition to absorb vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and nutrients which are incorporated by your body system.

A balanced diet is very important for the growth of the body. There must be a restriction in the intake of saturated fats which hampers the body development. Intake of carrots,

  • Fish, Dairy products like milk, yogurt, fruits like bananas.
  • apples, green vegetables, potatoes, all of these will also help you for the growth and development of your body.
  • 6-8 glasses of water must be taken daily and yes,

you must also not forget the role of calcium in the overall development of the body

12. Yoga Exercising  

All the exercises that are mentioned above, no doubt, is going to help you for weight gain but other than that one of the most effective exercise is yoga.

People often get bored to do yoga exercises but please do not forget that it is the most important and the effective one.

How To increase Height using Yoga


This asana has been inspired by the pose of the mountain and this it is also called as the mountain pose. It helps in the lengthening of the spine.

In this exercise, your foot is on the ground; your shoulders must be relaxed without any slouching or bending. The tensed look on your face must be ignored and the leg muscles must be strong.


The other name for Bhujanga is the cobra pose. Over here, your face is stretched down on the ground, lower body is pressed firmly against the floor, your fingers are below your shoulders and elbows on your sides.

  • Your lower body must not lose the contact with the floor and while doing this, you must inhale and strengthen your arms.
  • This must be done in a faster way and should be maintained at the slow count of 15.
  • Once this is done then slowly lower your upper body and practice this pose as many times as you can as this will ensure you a longer spine and thus it results in having a desirable height

13. Stretching: 

This exercise must be done on a regular basis once you are done with your bath in the morning. After a walk of 5 minutes, shake each arm and the leg to feel relaxed and tension free.

The entire body must be stretched from the hip till the toes. This exercise must be repeated for 3-5 times in order to get a good amount of results.

Sleep is good way to reduce stretch, Along with a proper diet and exercise, sleep is also a must to achieve the desirable height. Following must be followed for a good deep sleep

  • Firm and comfortable mattress must be used.
  • Soft and comfortable clothes must be worn for sleeping.
  • You must always sleep in a dark and quiet room for a deep sleep.
  • Before falling asleep, a warm bath can be taken for a proper amount of sleep
  • The practice of deep breathing must be followed before going to sleep.

It is not that difficult to increase your height after 25. With a correct approach towards the steps mentioned above, you can reap the best amount of results

How to increase height in children?

Having a good height is always a dream and if that is not achieved, you might also feel upset. When we compared with the adults, increasing height in easier for kids.

So, if you do not want to get dominated by your classmates, start working from now for a better height as your height cannot be increased overnight.

1. A balanced diet: 

The first step that comes into consideration is having a well-balanced diet. For a while, you must stop eating junk food like the burgers and pizzas in order to acquire a superior height.

  • I know and understand that this is the age for all of this junk food but no! For a desirable height, you need to follow a proper diet.
  • It will make you stronger by every day and a healthy lifestyle which also help you achieve height gain.
  • A healthy diet includes a lot of proteins like poultry, meat, soya, fish and other dairy products like milk and yogurt.
  • This will help in strengthening of your bones and muscles and helps in body growth.
  • Stay away from all the junk food and try to eat a larger portion of vitamin D and calcium and it stimulates body growth.
  • Green vegetables are the main sources of calcium, so, intake of them is a must.
  • Also, zinc-rich foods like peanuts, crab, squash seeds must be taken on a regular basis and added to your diet chart.

How To increase Height with heathy food

2. Yoga: 

Though this exercise is ignored by kids as they find it very boring but it is the most amazing technique which will help you increase your height.

Particularly 2 yoga postures called Surya namaskar and Adho much savasana is efficient stretching yoga postures, suitable for the kids. Breathing exercises can also be practiced for better results. It helps in releasing the larger amount of hormone and strengthens the body and the muscles.

Surya Namaskar is the most practiced asana and is known by a lot of people for centuries now. It is a way of addressing the sun. It includes 12 poses that are one Surya namaskar have 12 poses in it. It helps in the development of your mind and helps to bring your body back into shape.

  1. Sukhasana is regarded as the happy pose as it is very simple to do. It can be difficult only for the ones who are not used to sitting on the floor.
  2. Tadasana is the asana that helps in physical and mental growth of the body. It is called as the mountain pose.
  3. Trikonasana is basically the triangle pose. Your eyes must be open while doing this asana as you need to maintain your balance.
  4. Pativrata Trikonasana is the opposite of Trikonasana and is a combination of 2 dynamic energies.
  5. Vrikshasana is one of those asanas that requires a lot of balancing. It is graceful and steady like a tree. Your eyes must be open while doing this.
  6. Chakrasana is one of those asanas where your entire body look like a wheel ann with this, you can reap a lot of benefits.
  7. Thus, these asanas helps in the overall growth and development of the body that in turn results in height gain. So don’t wait and start working on having a desirable height.

3. Hanging exercises: 

It is one of the fun exercises for the kids in order to increase their height. This would help you in stretching the spine and extending the vertebrates quite effectively. However, do not practice (hang from the bars) as it may lead to the muscle pull.

  • This technique must be practiced for at least 10 minutes a day for positive results.
  • Hope you have got an idea on how to increase height in children.

How To increase Height with Hanging exercises

4. Effective vertical hanging:

It is one of the most simple and effective exercises. For this exercise, you require a simple solid metal bar. Not to forget that that the bar must have the strength to take your body weight. It is a simple exercise that can be performed at your home itself.

The metal bar must be fixed diagonally and must be fixed 7 feet from the ground level in such a way that there is a gap of a few inches between your feet and the ground.

You can start with the exercise once the set up is done. You need to hang yourself loosely without any kind of thought or tension, stay relaxed.

If you do not want to get tired while doing this, you can swing back and forth. This will help you to have an elongated spinal cord. It also leads you to having a flexible spinal cord. It must be practiced at least 3-4 times a week for better results.

5. The Cobra Stretch:

In this exercise, a curve like structure is formed with your body like a snake. It helps in making your spine more flexible and helps in the overall development of your body.

Question answer on Increasing Height

Is it really possible to grow taller after 18?

yes you can increase your height using above method such as exercise, food and other method which mentioned above. For this you need to do hard work and make patience.

Can u increase your height?

are you thinking that can increase my height then answer is yes you can just motivate yourself and keep follow above points

Can you really get taller by stretching?

It can help but it will be supported.

What is the best way to increase height?

its depend of many things but The Cobra Stretch is very effective.

How can I increase my height after 15?

Yes if you are below 15 then it will natural, If you will follow then can increase fast.

Can exercise make you taller?

Yes, Exercise playing major role in increasing height so can focus much on exercise.

Is there any way to increase height after 21?

after 25 increasing height is really more difficult but on 21 it will more effecting from above.

Does running make you taller?

Yes, This is one of the most popular and very effective method using from long time and any one know, If you are daily running then it will help to your body to produce growth hormones,

So please if you really serious to body hight gain then always run with schedules. Yes, Run can help you too, It will make thin so you will look tall too.


Thus, we have seen many different ways of growing height at different stages of our life. Hopefully, the ones who are looking for increasing their height with various means, this article will be very helpful for them.

So friends we hope now your How To increase Height all doubt is clear, If you have any question regards How To increase Height then please comment below thanks.

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